Casita Center Hosts Blender Bikes


The WaveCrest Cafe blender bikes made a visit to Casita Center for Science, Math and Technology Elementary School on 2/7/19. After a quick lesson for 4th graders on how we are sourcing more and more...

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Vista High’s Garden + Blender Bikes = Fresh, Healthy And Delicious Smoothies


The faces communicated a mix of curiosity, amusement and slight confusion. What were the lime green bikes doing in the quad by the cafeteria? Were those blenders attached to the front of the bikes? How...

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Ugly Food Gets A Beautiful Reception


“If you see ugly food, don’t throw it away, just wash it and try it!” Those words, spoken by Alamosa Park 2nd grader Madison, were the consensus of a group of kinder - 2nd grade...

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What Do Athletes REALLY Eat? Part 3: Football


As Super Bowl 53 approaches, we thought it would be a great time to continue our series on “What do athletes REALLY eat?” When looking at professional football players, it probably comes as no surprise...

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VIDA Class Digs Deep Into Food/Nutrition


Making a connection between the classroom and real work issues that affect students’ daily lives has become a valuable resource for learning and teaching. So when a Design Challenge class at VIDA (Vista Innovation and...

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What Do Athletes REALLY Eat? Part 2: X-Games


In our series of, “What Do Athletes REALLY Eat?” we’re looking into the perception versus the reality of what athletes eat. It’s likely that no area of sports has a closer relationship to fast- and...

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What Do Athletes REALLY Eat? Part 1: Rugby.


When looking at the advertising landscape, one might think that athletes exist on a diet comprised primarily of fast food, energy drinks and candy bars with the slightest amounts of peanuts. The reality, however, is...

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WaveCrest Heroes: Rita Manzo


It’s a story reminiscent of the tale of the group of friends who have been playing a game of tag for 30+ years. And while this tale may not be as old or complex, it’s...

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Blender Bikes Stir Up Flavor At Schools


Curious looks were mixed with hesitation by some and excitement by others as VIDA students and staff encountered a table filled with small cups of green liquid next to a stationary cycle sporting a blender...

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WaveCrest Heroes: Teresa Sharp


Our team at WaveCrest Cafe is fantastic. Not only do they serve hundreds of meals in a short amount of time, but they make our cafeterias friendly, safe and welcoming spaces for all of our...

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Hacking Your Snacks! / Organización de los refrigerios


Planning for healthy snacks can help satisfy hunger between meals and keep you moving toward your food group goals. We've got a collection of ideas and tips that can help you to make snack time...

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UPDATE: November 30, 2018 We will resume serving romaine lettuce on Monday, December 3, 2018. We will only source lettuce from areas not affected by the recent recall.   ORIGINAL POST: November 26, 2018 ROMAINE...

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10 Tips For Families: Building Healthy Mealtime Habits


Our friends at MyPlate keep developing some great resources. One of the latest os a tip sheet for families to help develop healthy habits at mealtimes. While geared for younger children in preschool and elementary...

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Virtual Reality Farming?


On Thursday and Friday, November 8th and 9th, 3rd grade students at Empresa Elementary School had the opportunity to experience the “Seed Survivor” mobile learning unit, a partnership between agriculture company Nutrien and the California Foundation For...

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Fear Factor Taste Challenge: Halloween Edition


Halloween had extra flavor to it at Bobier Elementary School this year, as WaveCrest Cafe hosted a very special Fear Factor Taste Challenge event for the Broncos. Students were invited to taste six food items,...

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