MIssion Meadows Welcomes Blender Bikes

March 01st, 2020

Mission Meadow students took their turn on the blender bikes Friday, February 28th in what was a joy-filled day for everyone involved. 


WaveCrest cafe delivered both bikes to the school, along with refreshing ingredients like bananas, apple juice, and frozen apricots. Each grade had a chance to hop on the bikes, with students using their own energy to blend delicious smoothies. For some, this was their first time riding a bike!


Not only was this activity fun and engaging, but it also served as a great opportunity to talk to students about healthy beverage options and the importance of physical activity. There are many great resources online at MyPlate.gov discussing topics like beverage choices and exercise if you want to keep the conversation going with you little one.


Thank you again to all the Mission Meadow staff, parent-volunteer, and students for helping to make this awesome event a smashing success.