Triennial Wellness Report Completed

August 08th, 2022

Every three years we are required to conduct a wellness report to measure how we are meeting our goals as a nutrition department and by school site.


The full report can be downloaded here, and we’ll share a few highlights from the report:

We Met Our Goals In These Areas
• Nutrition Education
• Physical Activity
• Student access to comprehensive health services
• Joint use agreement for District facilities and grounds to be available for recreational and/or sports activities



School Site Compliance With VUSD Wellness Policy
In addition, each school was asked to complete a wellness policy survey to assess the school’s compliance with the VUSD Wellness Policy. Each site is assessed as being: A) In compliance; B) Partially in compliance; C) Not in compliance. Our survey results showed the following:

Nutrition Education Policy
• 21 of 28 schools are in compliance
• 7 of 28 are partially in compliance

Nutrition Promotion Policy
• 27 of 28 schools in compliance
• 1 of 28 schools not in compliance

Food & Beverage Marketing And Sales Policy
• 26 of 28 schools in compliance
• 2 of 28 schools are partially in compliance

Physical Activity Policy
• 24 of 28 schools in compliance
• 4 of 28 schools are partially in compliance


Additional Highlights
Other highlights of the report include:

Nutrition Education
• 91 classrooms participated in the Harvest of the Month program
• 25 classrooms used the Cooking Cart
• Nutrition education is provided to middle and high school students in their PE classes
• A monthly nutrition newsletter is sent to parents and families from Child Nutrition Services

Physical Activity
•Blender bike activities were held at 7 schools
• Schools host before- and after-school physical activity clubs
• PE instruction is aligned with California standards across all K-12 grade levels

Other Wellness Goals
• Annual resources for the Vista Community Clinic Dental Clinic
• 4 COVID testing sites made available for the community
• Weekly COVID testing for employees at their workplaces
• Weekly COVID testing available to students at their schools during the day


Again, the full report can be downloaded here. We appreciate the hard work of our staff, as well as all of the people across the district who work so hard to establish and implement this wellness policy.