10 Heroic Things About Our Team

May 05th, 2021

Our WaveCrest Cafe team has been heroic in so many ways during the past 15 months. And to celebrate School Lunch Hero Day, we thought we’d list 10 ways that our team has done amazing work to serve our community.


Various WaveCrest Cafe staff serving meals during the pandemic

A few of our heroes in action


10. Served over 1 million meals during a pandemic

9. Serving outdoors in the rain, heat, and extreme winds

8. Constantly having to change or find new food suppliers

7. Constantly shifting schedules

6. Serving both in-person and virtual (drive/walk-up) schedules simultaneously

5. Packaging fresh, seasonal fruits & veggies to maintain our Farm to School program

4. Shifting Virtual Meal Service to offer 7 days of meals on one day

3. Serving over 100,000 lbs of California-grown produce

2. They’ve never missed a meal distribution

1. Doing it all with smiles and dedication to the children, families, and communities we serve


We are grateful for the hard work, dedication, and selflessness of our team. They take seriously their role in making sure that our children are well-fed and cared for each and every day. Thank you Team WaveCrest!