Special Meals Accommodation Forms

If your child requires a special diet provided by the school cafeteria for medical reasons, please complete the Special Meal Accommodation Form and have it signed by a doctor. 

To request a milk substitution due to a medical or other special dietary need, a parent or guardian can complete the “parental request for a fluid milk substitution for school-age children” form.  

Completed forms can be sent to Child Nutrition Services by emailing: [email protected]

Fax: 760-724-5605

Mail: VUSD Child Nutrition Services 4680 North Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92056

Questions?  Please email or call us at 760-726-2170 x92404

Special Meal Accommodation Form
Special Meals Accommodation Form – Español
Parental Request for Fluid Milk Substitution
Parental Request for Milk Substitution – Español

Games For Kids & Families

Here are a few downloadable PDF games that you can play as a family to get your kids thinking about their food choices.


Classroom Resources & Harvest Of The Month

Harvest of the Month Information and Classroom Newsletter

Harvest Of The Month Official Website
Harvest of the Month Information
Garden with HOTM!
Tasting Trio Teacher Cookbook From Harvest Of The Month


2019-2020 Harvest Of The Month Featured Items*

October 2019: Plums

November 2019: Sweet Peppers

Harvest Of The Month – November 2019 Lesson Plan: Sweet Peppers
Harvest Of The Month – November 2019: Sweet Peppers (Flyer)

December 2019: Apples

Harvest Of The Month – December 2019 Lesson Plan: Apples
Harvest Of The Month – December 2019: Apples (Flyer)

January 2020: Celery

February 2020: Oranges

February 2020 Classroom Newsletter: Oranges

March 2020: Carrots

April 2020: Spinach

May 2020: Strawberries

* Items subject to change based on availability from our farmer suppliers

April 2019: Blueberries

Harvest Of The Month April 2019: Blueberries Overview
HOTM Blueberries Community Resource – English
HOTM Blueberries Community Resource – Español

March 2019: Kumquats

Harvest Of The Month March 2019: Kumquats Overview
HOTM Lesson Plan March 2019: Kumquats

October 2018: Pears

Overview: Pears
Healthy Serving Ideas: Pears
Ideas Saludables de Preparacion: Peras

Kindergarten Workbook: Pears
1st Grade Workbook: Pears
2nd Grade Workbook: Pears
3rd Grade Workbook: Pears
4th Grade Workbook: Pears
5th Grade Workbook: Pears

November 2018: Persimmons

Overview: Persimmons

Harvest of the Month Student Workbooks

Kindergarten Workbook
1st Grade Workbook

2nd Grade Workbook
3rd Grade Workbook
4th Grade Workbook
5th Grade Workbook
6th Grade Workbook

Teacher’s Guide for Student Workbooks

Kindergarten Workbook (Teachers Version)
1st Grade Workbook (Teachers Version)
2nd Grade Workbook (Teachers Version)
3rd Grade Workbook (Teachers Version)
4th Grade Workbook (Teachers Version)
5th Grade Workbook (Teachers Version)
6th Grade Workbook (Teachers Version)

Bring this mobile kitchen into your classroom and teach your students how to prepare fresh, healthy, and delicious meals.  WaveCrest Cafe will deliver the cart and the ingredients for one of the recipes in our manual to your site to get your kids cooking!

Reserve the cart today by contacting Julie Cockrum at [email protected]

Cooking Cart Book: 2018

Plan a campus-wide wellness event at your site or a whole week devoted to healthy habits.

Prevent Food Waste

Here’s a helpful guide for ways to reduce food waste that can be used in the classroom, by families and students: PreventFoodWaste


Refund Request Form

Should you need to request a refund of meal account funds, please download and fill out the form and mail or hand deliver to our office. The address is included on the form.

Request For Refund, Transfer, or Donation

Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) FAQs


What does CEP stand for?
CEP stands for Community Eligibility Provision.

What is CEP?
Community Eligibility Provision, or CEP, is a USDA program that allows low-income schools to offer meals to all students at no cost and without requiring applications from families. CEP schools are reimbursed for meals based on the percentage of students eligible for free meals due to participating in certain programs, such as SNAP and TANF.  

Who pays for Community Eligibility Provision?
The USDA reimburses CEP schools for all school meals during the 4-year period.

How do schools qualify for the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)?
Schools qualify for CEP based on the school’s identified student percentage (ISP). An ISP is determined by calculating the number of students who are directly certified to receive free meals on the basis of their receipt of CalFresh, California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids, Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), or Medi-Cal benefits, and the extension of those benefits to students within the same household. The calculation also includes students who are certified as homeless, migrant, runaway, foster, and income-eligible for Head Start. CEP schools can provide the program for up to 4-years before needing to re-apply.

What meals are offered at no cost at CEP schools?
Both breakfast and lunch are offered at no charge to every student at CEP-qualified schools. We encourage every student to take advantage of these meals and ensure that they are fueled for learning and growing every day.

If I have a child at a CEP school and another child at a non-CEP school, do I need to fill out a Free & Reduced Price Meals application for the student at the non-CEP school?
Yes. Any child at a non-CEP school whose family may qualify for free or reduced price meals must still apply. You can find a form at any Vista Unified school, or fill out the application online by clicking here.

Remember to list all people in the household, even students attending CEP schools.

A chart with guidelines for qualifying for free and reduced price meals is also included here.

Do students at CEP schools still need to enter numbers or use the finger reader since everyone eats for free?
Yes. This allows for accountability in case a student has any allergies. It also helps us to accurately track the number of meals served.

Will middle schools still sell snacks?
Middle schools can still sell snacks. The schools will not, however, allow students to charge snacks. They will either need to have money in their account or pay for the snacks at the time of service.

Do teachers at CEP schools get to eat for free?
No, the CEP program only covers students. Teachers and other staff will need to pay the adult meal price.


2021 Child Nutrition Services Reopening Procedure

Questions?  Please email or call us at 760-726-2170 x92404