Farmers Markets Return!

November 01st, 2022

October 26th & 27th saw the return of our friends from Food 4 Thought to host Farmers Market events at Empresa, Alamosa, Breeze Hill, and Maryland Elementary. Students learned about where much of the food served at school each day comes from, including stories about some of the farmers and their families.


After learning more about their food, students were able to pick their own fresh, seasonal, California-grown fruits and vegetables. Most of the produce was so fresh it was picked just a few days prior!


Each student received a voucher and was able to “buy” fruits and vegetables from the selection provided at the market. Each type of food had a price and students used their math and budgeting skills to purchase their produce (without having money left over or selecting too much). 

The presentation also gave students an opportunity to answer trivia about nutrition and win extra produce like broccoli, cabbage, apples, or others as a prize. The events were fun, high-energy activities that students loved. 


Enjoy these pictures from our Farmers’ Market events.