March 2022 Newsletter

March 17th, 2022

New Menu For Spring!

It’s springtime in San Diego, and at WaveCrest Cafe that means we’re rolling out our brand new menu. Once again our team has put together a wonderful mix of perennial favorites as well as some new entrees sure to delight our diners and provide the nutritional power needed for learning.


Find Your School’s Menu


As always, our WaveCrest Pizza ovens will be working overtime to deliver fresh, handmade pizzas to different schools every day. And in addition to cheese and pepperoni pies, we’ll also have our cheeseburger pizza in April and a Buffalo Chicken pizza in May.


Among new items, our diners will find:


Red chicken tamale
Our always popular chicken tamales are back, and this time with a twist! We’ve added some zesty red chilis to the mix for this delectable dish that is certain to make our diners (and stomachs) happy and ready to learn.





Teriyaki chicken
Another returning favorite is this hearty bowl filled with sweet, tangy teriyaki chicken over noodles. Combine this with generous portions of fresh fruits and veggies and you’ve got a meal sure to deliver smiles and full bellies.







Fish tacos

Nothing says San Diego like a classic fish taco. Top yours with shredded cabbage and our homemade zesty crema!






Popcorn chicken and mashed potato bowl

This entree is sure to please as it features popcorn chicken atop creamy mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and cheese. So many delicious items in one bowl!







Pork carnitas nachos
There’s nothing better than a plate lined with tasty, gluten-free nacho chips, piled high with tender and savory pork carnitas. Top with our homemade salsa and serve with fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies and you’ll be ready to learn!




Middle & High School Exclusives
We love being able to offer special menu items to different grade levels, and we keep track of the kinds of entrees that are best received at different grades. A couple of the items being served at our middle and high schools include:



Fajita chicken bowl (mid/high)
Tasty grilled chicken with subtle spices sits atop these bowls, just waiting to be customized with homemade salsa and fresh, seasonal produce.







Strawberry Spinach Salad (Available Daily)
One of our most popular entree salads returns. Perfect for Spring, a bed of fresh spinach and other veggies are then topped with sweet strawberries and waiting for one of our homemade dressings.


Whatever your pick, we are committed to serving fresh, healthy, and delicious meals each and every day.


Take a look at your school’s menu today.



Our March featured food for Harvest of the Month is the delicious and deceptively complex carrot. Classes participating in this program are in For a tasty treat and some fun learning.


About Carrots
Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, with ½ of a cup providing more than 200% of the recommended Daily Value. Carrots are also a good source of vitamin K, vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. I. Short: they’re really, really good for you.


What is Vitamin A?
Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it can be stored for long periods of time in your body. It is also an antioxidant.


Vitamin A is necessary for the proper development and functioning of our eyes, skin, and many other parts of our bodies. It is required for normal functioning of the immune system.




Vitamin A In Food
Vitamin A that is found in colorful fruits and vegetables, like carrots, is called provitamin A carotenoid. It can be made into retinol in the body.


Champion Sources of Vitamin A:

Cooked greens
Red bell peppers
Sweet potatoes
Winter squash


How Carrots Grow
Carrots are biennial, meaning they have a two-year life cycle. In the first year, the edible root is formed, followed by production of the flower and seeds in the second year.


Carrots can be grown most anywhere. The ideal temperature range is 60 to 70 F. For this reason, carrots are grown year-round in California. They require a growing season of 110 to 160 days and need deep, loose, well-drained soils.


Colorful Carrots
Carrots are commonly grouped into two main varieties: eastern and western. Eastern carrots are the original cultivar and are usually purple or yellow in color and have fewer branched roots.


Western carrots emerged in the Netherlands in the 15th or 16th century. Their orange color made them popular among countries associated with the House of Orange and the Dutch struggle for independence.


Carrot Facts

• The average person eats 17 pounds of carrots per year.
Carrots contain about 90% water.
• Most baby-cut carrots are made from large carrots that have been peeled and trimmed. The trimmings are used in salad mixes, juices, and other carrot products.
• Carrots, or “skirrets,” were originally purple, white, and yellow. The orange carrot was developed in Holland as a tribute to William I of Orange during the Dutch fight for independence from Spain in the 16th century.



Learn more about carrots, and discover ways to enjoy them at home and at school. Download our Harvest of the Month resources for families here.


If your child’s teacher wants to sign up for the program, it’s easy. For more information about the program, classroom tasting parties, and more, click here for our promo flyer.




No Cost for School Meals This Year!

A reminder that all school meals for the 2021-22 school year are offered to students at no cost. That includes breakfast, lunch, and supper if your child’s school offers a supper option. We are grateful to the USDA for expanding our ability to offer these meals to our students at no cost and hope that you will make the most of this offer.


Not only can families save plenty of money on food, but with meals ready at school, you’ll have more time to spend together as a family than when you used to be making lunches! As always, we are committed to serving fresh, healthy, delicious meals, and working with as many local and California-based farms as possible.

*** With meals being offered at no charge, we are anticipating more students will be dining with us. This may affect the availability of some entrees as we learn and adapt to greater numbers and meet the demand.



Staff Spotlight: Amy Vaughn,
Empresa Elementary


Our Staff Spotlight this month is none other than our impressive Empresa Cafeteria Lead, Amy Vaughn. Amy is an integral part of the fantastic school culture at Empresa. Amy and her team make mealtimes fun and welcoming for students and staff alike.  And if a student or staff member has a story to tell, Amy is all ears! We’re thrilled to share a little more about Amy. 


How long have you been at Empresa? 5 years

Favorite Hobbies: Swimming

Favorite TV/Binge Watching: The Office

Favorite Music (Bands/Singers): Classical Guitar

Favorite WaveCrest Entree: Greek Wrap

Favorite thing about working at WaveCrest Cafe? The kids telling me their stories



We're hiring. See open positions and join our team.

We have staffing opportunities at most of our schools, and new positions come up regularly. Come be part of a fun, dynamic team and serve our students, staff, and families every day.


With all meals being offered at no charge, we are anticipating even more students will be dining with us, which may result in longer lines. Help us serve our students faster and better – come be part of our team!


Click here to learn more about our open positions and apply today.



MENU SPOTLIGHT: Red Chicken Tamales

Chicken tamales have been one of the highest-rated entrees since we introduced them several years ago.


So it’s with great excitement that we bring this new version with a slightly spicy and flavorful twist on the popular original item.


Start with a hearty corn masa on the outside to hold in all of the tastiness inside. Then fill that shell with tender white meat chicken infused with chili spices and sauce, giving the inside a vibrant red color and plenty of flavor.


Diners can choose toppings including fresh cilantro and onions, to our own homemade salsa, and much more.


Add our fresh, seasonal fruits & veggies on the side to make it a complete meal.


 Be sure to check your school’s menu to see which day Chicken Street Tacos are being served, and enjoy!




Resources & Grants | Recursos y subvenciones

Request A Master Gardener For Your School
The San Diego County Master Gardener Association provides Master Gardeners to help schools set up and maintain gardens. Master Gardeners act as consultants, mentoring parents and teachers who request help with beginning or improving their school gardens. Request a garden consultant here.


Educational Garden Design Grant – Rolling Dates
The California Native Garden Foundation offers grants for school gardens that feature CA native plants. Types of support include garden design services, in-kind donations of plants and landscape materials, volunteer assistance, and direct financial assistance. Click here to learn more and to apply.


American Heart Association Teaching Gardens Grant – Rolling Dates
The American Heart Association is helping the fight against childhood obesity by planting gardens in elementary schools across the country that become real-life learning laboratories for students to experience what it means to be healthy. Click here to learn more.


Grant From Children’s Obesity Fund – Rolling Dates
The Children’s Obesity Fund seeks to educate parents and children about America’s rising obesity rates and prevent the next generation from continuing down this unhealthy road. The fund strives to support nonprofit organizations that share the goal of eliminating childhood obesity. Find out more here.


Bonnie’s Plants 3rd Grade Cabbage Program – Rolling Dates
Bonnie’s provides free mega-cabbage plants to 3rd-grade teachers across the US who want to participate. Students grow the cabbages and submit pictures and measurements of their harvest to be considered for a $1,000 scholarship. Find out how to participate here.


Captain Planet Foundation Grants – Rolling Dates
Captain Planet Foundation invests in high-quality, solution-based programs that embrace STEM learning and empower youth to become local & global environmental change-makers. Educators who are interested in receiving support for students to design and implement hands-on environmental solutions are eligible for project funding. Learn more here.



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