Blender Bikes Bring Joy (and Flavor) To Breeze Hill

January 28th, 2020

The blender bikes made another stop this month at Breeze Hill Elementary for a lunch filled with physical exercise and nutritious snacks!


Students from TK all the way to 5th Grade took their turns riding the bikes which in turn created delicious and healthy drinks. VUSD’s WaveCrest Cafe provided frozen strawberries, apple juice, and yogurt for the students to blend. Everyone had a chance to hop on the blender bikes and then sample the product of their pedaling. 


This fun and engaging activity was a great way for students to try alternatives to sugary beverages and get their hearts pumping. If you’d like to keep the healthy choices going at home, check out for some creative beverage ideas.


A big thanks to Breeze Hill Elementary staff, parent volunteers, and everyone at VUSD’s WaveCrest Cafe for making this opportunity a reality.