WaveCrest Cafe Featured On “Salad Bar Heroes” Blog

September 12th, 2018

WaveCrest Cafe was recently featured on the Salad Bar Heroes blog, part of Salad Bars 2 Schools, a program that began in 2010 when four partner organizations that had all been doing similar work joined forces. Those organizations are the Chef Ann Foundation, the National Fruit & Vegetable Alliance, United Fresh Start Foundation and Whole Foods Market.



Since then the organization has granted over 5,000 salad bars to schools, serving over 2.6 million students across the country. Vista Unified is slated to receive 12 new salad bars from the organization. These salad bars help schools to better present fresh produce to students and offer students more power to choose how they build their meals.

The blog provides an overview of the acclaimed WaveCrest Cafe program in Vista Unified, starting with this proclamation about the program: “Roasted chickpeas and fresh pomegranates are items you probably don’t expect to see in an ordinary school cafeteria. But luckily for the students at Vista Unified School District (VUSD) in Vista and Oceanside, California, Director of Child Nutrition Services Jamie Phillips is not interested in creating an ordinary school cafeteria experience.”



The article highlights WaveCrest Cafe’s robust Farm 2 School initiative and success in procuring more and more locally and regionally sourced produce, providing students with the freshest produce available while also supporting the area’s significant agricultural economy.

We’re grateful to Salad Bars 2 Schools for sharing our story and shining a light on our work. Please take some time to read the article, and try our fresh, healthy and delicious salads and salad bars!