Vista High Students Share Wellness Lessons at Bobier Elementary

March 10th, 2017

Students from Jody Ordoñez’s senior English class at Vista High School worked on a wide-ranging research project on a topic of their choice related to wellness. As the finished, they realized that they wanted to share their research, and felt strongly about connecting with elementary school aged children. Said Ordoñez, “Our students are very passionate about educating younger children regarding health-related issues that they have researched.”


And so on Tuesday, March 7th, the seniors walked across the street to Bobier Elementary and put together an engaging health and wellness fair for the Bobier students to enjoy.


Elementary classrooms came to the Multi-Purpose Room to view the Vista High School students’ research, displayed on colorful posters, and talk to the high schoolers about their projects. Topics included using electronics, over eating, anti-bullying, playing sports, healthy eating, dental hygiene, and more.


The high school seniors were incredible role models and provided excellent information and inspiration for the elementary students. The elementary students asked great questions and were very respectful of the high schools projects. It was an amazing collaboration resulting in real-world benefits.  It showcases the ways that the VHS Personalized Learning Program and Bobier’s emphasis on wellness can collaborate and engage students in a real world environment.

Bobier Elementary students learn about the effects of sugar from Vista High School students

Vista High School students talk about anti-bullying efforts with Bobier Elementary students.

Bobier students learn about the importance of staying physically active.

Vista HIgh School students review wellness lessons on hygiene with Bobier students.

The benefits of water are expressed to Bobier students from those at Vista High School.

Vista High School students explain the dangers of over-eating to Bobier students.

Sports are a fun and effective way to maintain wellness.

Senior year English class students from Vista High School explain to Bobier Elementary students the importance of time management with video games.