Principal Q&A: Charlene Smith from Monte Vista Elementary

September 14th, 2015

Charlene Smith from Monte Vista Elementary


 1) What was your most recent experience like eating at WaveCrest Cafe?

The most recent experience was very positive.  The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating.  There was a nice variety of entree and salad bar choices.


2) Do you remember what meal you had?

I had the salad bar and chicken nuggets.


3) What impressions did you have of what the school food might be like?

Historically, I would not eat school food.  Even as I was growing up, school food was not appealing to me.  Over the past 2.5 years in VUSD, the menu choices and quality of food have greatly improved.


4) How did WaveCrest Cafe’s food surprise you or change your impressions?

The taste has really improved.  I’ve also been impressed by the quality of the food.


5) As a Principal and leader, what does good student nutrition mean to you? To your students and staff?

It is very important that our students receive a high-quality meal that tastes good.  For too many students, the food they receive at school is the best food they they will eat that day.  I appreciate that students are exposed to a variety of foods to choose from.  The food must taste good or students won’t eat it and they will not have the necessary food to fuel their bodies and minds.


6) How does the food at WaveCrest Cafe compare to that in other school districts?

I have only worked in VUSD.  I hear from colleagues and friends from neighboring districts however, that our menu and quality of food is far superior to their district.


7) Do you have a favorite menu item at WaveCrest Cafe?

I like the whole muscle chicken nuggets.