Dr. Golden and the WaveCrest Cafe

November 04th, 2015


Bobier Elementary School’s Principal, Dr. Jenifer Golden, returned to Vista Unified this year after several years at another district. Upon her return, our Superintendent, Dr. Devin Vodicka, asked Dr. Golden what changes she noticed in Vista since she was here just a few years ago. Here’s part of how she responded:


“One of the biggest changes I’ve seen since coming back to Vista is the WaveCrest Cafe! I remember meeting Brock Smith several years ago. He expressed his vision for what school nutrition could be like. I was supportive, of course, but over time I’d heard a lot of people talk about their ideas without seeing any real change. Not so with this transformation of CNS and WaveCrest Café.

I have seen that vision of a classy, quality, café-like experience come to life in just a few years. I’m so impressed with the professionalism, cleanliness, food choices, quality, and the staff. For us at Bobier, having someone with the experience and expertise that our lead Linda Beaty possesses is a tremendous advantage. Breakfast and lunch are quality experiences that the children look forward to every day.

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And I eat lunch with the children every day. I ask them to tell me about their lunch. They love their food! They are happy and say they love school lunch and that Ms. Linda is so nice. The kids mean everything to me and I’m so appreciative of the positive changes in the school lunch program. I would rather have our school lunch than eat anywhere else.

Often times when you stop a child in the hallway and ask them, “How was your day?,” many would say their day is good or bad based on their experience at lunch. My own two children feel the same way many days and their meals fuel them for everything else.

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I’ve come across a fantastic video by the founder of Farrell’s ice cream parlors about the importance of customer service, and their practice of presenting the Pickle Award for Outstanding Customer Service to employees. In this video, the company’s founder, Bob Farrell, tells the story behind the pickle award, and he encourages people to initiate something similar to pass along the good will of great customer service. Here’s a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISJ1V8vBiiI


I’d like to pass along my own Pickle Award to Linda Beaty and Brock Smith, and their teams, for the outstanding job that is done in serving our children and our community delicious, healthy meals every day.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the investment you’ve made into the WaveCrest Café. I am so proud and honored that you’re serving our children this way. I love how healthy our food is, and I love the great customer service I witness. You are truly changing lives for the better one meal with a smile at a time!


Dr. Jenifer Golden

Principal, Bobier Elementary School