2 Breakfasts Better Than None?

October 04th, 2016

TriviaTuesday_2BreakfastsA recent study published in the journal Pediatric Obesity suggests that students who eat one or even two breakfasts on a regular basis are less likely to develop childhood obesity.

According to the study, “Weight gain among students who ate ‘double-breakfast’ was no different than that seen among all other students. Meanwhile, the risk of obesity doubled among students who skipped breakfast or ate it inconsistently.”

The effect of breakfast is to help increase metabolism at the start of the day. The article goes on to state that the study, “‘debunks an important misconception that school breakfast contributes to childhood obesity,’ says Duke Storen from Share Our Strength, a national group that runs anti-hunger and nutrition programs for children.”

WaveCrest Cafe is happy to serve fresh, healthy and delicious breakfasts in all of our school locations. We also work with many schools in the district to offer a “second chance breakfast” during an extended passing period in the morning to give students a chance to fuel their bodies to start the day.