We’ve Got Games!

September 01st, 2016

Our friends at the USDA have just released a slew of new resources for families to talk about nutrition and the MyPlate guidelines for building healthy meals. Among those are games that can be used at home or in the classroom to get students and their families or classmates talking and thinking about healthy food choices.

Among the games are Grocery Store Bingo, where kids can search for healthy items when at the store with their families; Kids Food Critic, which invites players to taste different foods and rate various aspects like taste, texture and visual appeal; and the MyPlate Menu Builder, which asks players to build out their own menus by listing ingredients and challenging them to include the MyPlate healthy portions for different food groups.

The simple task of playing games helps to reinforce the core components of eating healthfully, and seeing how easy it is to maintain a balanced diet. We hope you’ll download these games and make ordinary family time fun, and maybe even learn something:)