WaveCrest team featured in UCSD Harvest Of The Month Video

March 08th, 2016

This week, two of our WaveCrest Cafe community members were featured in a new video about the popular and successful Harvest Of The Month Program. Foothill Oak Elementary school’s WaveCrest lead, Dania Velarde, and 2nd grade teacher Laura Guyse, along with two of her students, are featured in the video.

Harvest Of The Month is a program done in partnership between the UCSD Center for Community Health and the County of San Diego Health and Human Services department, bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to schools, workplaces, markets, community centers and places of worship, among other places. The program works with some of San Diego County’s 6,000 farms to introduce people to new foods and recipes for healthier eating and more physical activity.

We see the responses of students each month as they try new fruits and vegetables and talk about the importance of healthy eating and lifestyles. The program takes advantage of San Diego County having more farms than any other county in the US, and connecting those enterprises directly to people.

We invite you to take a look at the video and learn more about all that we are doing with Harvest Of The Month in classrooms throughout VUSD.