Q&A: Get to know your WaveCrest Lead

December 11th, 2015

We asked our nutrition advocates to do a “Q & A” with their lead at Roosevelt Middle School, Betsy Montes, and here is what they found out:

Get to know your WaveCrest Cafè Lead

1. Where are you from? I was born in Victorville and raised in Solano Beach.

2. What is your favorite WaveCrest Cafè meal? Our salads and sandwiches.

3. What is your favorite thing about working at Roosevelt Middle School? Being around the young kids, it keeps me young.

4. My favorite musical artists: I enjoy all music.

5. My favorite TV shows: My favorite TV shows and movies are Criminal Minds, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Big Brother, and the zoo.

6. Hobbies: Gardening, and taking care of my kids and grand kids.

7. Share a memory with us. Back in the late 90’s Casita Elementary had a very small kitchen.  Some would call it a little closet by today’s standards.  My co worker and I served over 1000 meals for breakfast and lunch out of that small closet/kitchen back then.

It was so small that the stove was very close to the sink area.  When I would wash dishes and bend over my rear end would be very close to the burners.  I could set my self on fire if I was not careful and left the burners on.  Of course, that did not happen because I was careful!. The freezer was so close to the oven that you had to be extremely careful when you opened the doors because you could get burned when you backed into the freezer if the door didn’t open correctly.  We would have to walk sideways past each other when we would serve because there was no room with our hot warmer and carts in the way. It was so small that only two people could fit safely in the area.

Even though it was so small, I have many fond memories of working over there with Rita Manzo.  Since then, the kitchen over there has been updated and is in the multi purpose room now.  It is much bigger and they have 3-4 people serving the students over there now. I believe “the old kitchen” is now being used for a ball room.