Olive Elementary Produce: Classroom To Table

October 11th, 2017

UPDATE: October 12, 2017

The team at Olive sent in a picture of the produce that they grew in class and served at lunch today. Students were able to grow 1.07 lbs. of fresh greens for the school cafeteria. Great job Olive!

Fresh greens grown in classrooms at Olive and served at the school.


October 11, 2017: Students at Olive Elementary School had a big day today, harvesting produce from their classroom garden towers that will be washed and served in the school’s cafeteria tomorrow.

Students will enjoy Swiss Chard, Bibb Lettuce, Kale, Basil and mixed greens at the school’s WaveCrest Cafe on Thursday, as well as bragging rights for being top notch horticulturalists.

The vertical garden towers use a hydroponic growing system that allows the plants to be grown without soil, using a cascading water system to bring nutrients to the plants.