Maryland Elementary Blender Bikes For Healthy Shark Week

April 09th, 2019

On day 2 of Healthy Shark Week, the WaveCrest Cafe blender bikes made a visit to the Maryland Makos with fresh fruit smoothies and lots of fun. The action was non-stop from the moment the Kinders stepped up to the bikes all the way until the final upper grades left, having used all of the fresh ingredients to create tasty, healthy treats.


As always, we used fresh fruit and juices to create smoothies, and spoke with students about having fresh fruits and veggies at school, and that drinks like smoothies are fantastic options to replace sugary drinks.


Several Maryland staff members and adult volunteers took turns riding the bikes as well, creating lots of joy from students seeing grown ups on the bikes. 


As always, we got lots of great pictures that are posted here for your enjoyment.