Fear Factor Taste Challenge: Halloween Edition

November 08th, 2018

Halloween had extra flavor to it at Bobier Elementary School this year, as WaveCrest Cafe hosted a very special Fear Factor Taste Challenge event for the Broncos. Students were invited to taste six food items, and those who tasted all of six were rewarded with a special sticker attesting to their bravery. 


The first brave Bobier Bronco to try the “brain stew,” with a thumbs-up rating!


The Fear Factor Taste Challenge is a popular way to engage students, inviting them to try foods that may be new to them and even find new favorites. Most of the items are seasonally grown fruits and veggies that are offered on salad bars at all Vista Unified elementary schools. For this year’s Halloween visit, the WaveCrest team came up with a special and unique slate of food to try . The menu for the event was:

Monster Teeth (roasted garbanzo beans)
Zombie Eyes (rainbow carrots)
Werewolf Claws (red bell pepper spears)
Scabs (dried cherries)
Jack-O-Lantern Surprise (fresh pumpkin)
Brain Stew (overnight oats; oatmeal, milk and apple sauce)

A table full of frightfully fresh and delicious treats awaited the school.

As with most all of the taste challenge events, students were eager for some items and more hesitant to try others. But as the tasting continued each item found a group that declared it their favorite. Many were surprised to learn that carrots come in a variety of colors, yet maintain a consistent taste. Others learned that peppers can be sweet, as the fresh bell peppers gained many new fans. Roasted garbanzo beans were also a new pleasure for many, and students talked about using them on salads instead of croutons to give some extra crunch.

A royally good time was had by our brave Bobier food tasters.

The activity is a fun and approachable way to talk with students about the benefits of trying new things. It also gives an opportunity to talk with students about WaveCrest Cafe’s Farm 2 School program, and learning where their food comes from, as we continue to expand the number of local and regional family farms where food is sourced.

Sometimes bravery comes in numbers, as groups of friends encouraged each other to try new things.

A letter about the event was sent by the school’s principal later in the day to alert parents and families to the activity and the lessons learned. Included in the letter was a link to a photo album on the WaveCrest Cafe Facebook page, and an invitation to learn more about our nutrition program. There’s no word yet on the menu for Halloween 2019, but Fear Factor events continue to make their way to Vista Unified schools throughout the year. Keep an eye out for one near you!

A special Halloween-themed poster was created to promote the event at the school.