Fear Factor Food Challenge Comes to Lake Elementary

October 28th, 2019

Lake Elementary PTA members came out in big numbers to brave the heat and serve up some delicious samples.

On Thursday, October 24th, WaveCrest Cafe made a visit to Lake Elementary to bring a “Fear Factor Food Challenge” to the school. The event encourages students to sample tasty treats that may be less familiar to them. Students from each grade proved they were fearless as they tried different items prepared by VUSD’s central kitchen. Roasted garbanzo beans, bell peppers, kale, plums, craisins, and pumpkin were all on the menu, and students who took three or more items received stickers exclaiming “I Survived!” 

These events are great ways to get kids to try items they normally may not reach for at the dinner table. The fun atmosphere, in addition to the camaraderie that comes from a group of friends egging each other on, is a proven way to get students to sample new food.

A big thanks to Lake Elementary staff for accommodating everything! Also, this event couldn’t have happened without the big turnout from PTA members to serve the food and encourage participation.