Fall Farmers Markets For All Vista Elementary Schools

September 21st, 2018

VUSD farmers market calendar

This fall, every Vista Unified elementary school is getting a visit from a farmers market! Hosted by Food 4 Thought (and your lovely Child Nutrition Services department), students will get to pick their own fresh, seasonal, California grown fruits and vegetables. Most of the produce is so fresh it was picked just a day or two prior!

Here’s how it works: each student gets a $2 voucher and can “buy” fruits and vegetables. Each type has a price and students have to use their math and budgeting skills to get $2 worth of produce (without having money left over or selecting too much). Small fruits like apples or tangerines are priced at 3 for $1, while large vegetables like cabbages are $1 or $1.50 each. Sometimes, Food 4 Thought brings specialty produce that is priced to reflect its limited availability. For example, last season brought blueberries that were $2 a package, which meant any student who wanted blueberries had to spend their whole voucher and couldn’t select any other fruits or veggies.

Farmers market at VAPA in Vista

Before the market, each grade learns about the produce during a lively presentation. Students are called on to answer trivia about nutrition (winning broccoli, cabbage, apples, or other produce as a prize) and everyone together can shout out answers when prompted. The whole event is a fun, high-energy activity that students love. Plus, it adds real value to fresh fruits and vegetables!

Students raise hands in outside presentation

The September schedule was:

•  Tuesday 9/18: Grapevine Elementary (11am – 2:15pm)
•  Wednesday 9/19: VAPA (12:25pm – 2:35pm)
•  Thursday 9/20: Hannalei Elementary (8am – 10:30am)
•  Thursday 9/20: Breeze Hill Elementary (11am – 2:15pm)

Be sure to follow WaveCrest Cafe on Facebook for photos of these events. We already have Facebook photo albums for the VAPA and Breeze Hill farmers markets to get an idea of what fun the kids have.

The rest of our elementary schools will have farmers markets in October. Here’s the schedule for next month:

Farmers market calendar for 10/8/18

•  Tuesday 10/9: Bobier Elementary (11am – 2:15pm)
•  Wednesday 10/10: Lake Elementary (8am – 10:30am)
•  Wednesday 10/10: Casita Elementary (11am – 2:15pm)
•  Thursday 10/11: Beaumont Elementary (8am – 10:30am)
•  Thursday 10/11: Maryland Elementary (11am – 2:15pm)
•  Tuesday 10/16: Monte Vista Elementary (11am – 2:15pm)
•  Wednesday 10/17: Empresa Elementary (8am – 10am)
•  Wednesday 10/17: Alamosa Elementary (11am – 2:15pm)
•  Thursday 10/18: Mission Meadows Elementary (8am – 10am)
•  Thursday 10/18: Foothill Oak Elementary (11am – 2:15pm)
•  Friday 10/19: T.H.E. Leadership Academy (8am – 10:30am)

Farmers market calendar 10/15/18

These farmers markets are one part of a larger wellness trend at Vista Unified. Students will bring home their selections on the day of their farmers market, so keep an eye out on your student’s backpack these days! We encourage all families to thoroughly wash the produce and prepare a meal with it together.