Congratulations to Grapevine on the Silver Spike Award!

October 02nd, 2018

We’re excited to announce that the WaveCrest Cafe kitchen staff at Grapevine Elementary is the recipient of the very first Silver Spike Award! The Silver Spike Award recognizes a WaveCrest Cafe team that has forged ahead to successfully serve students and staff. In addition to the usual hurdles faced by school nutrition teams, this year started off with a new online payment provider that added additional challenges.

The nutrition services team at Grapevine Elementary, led by Alex Ibanez, has gone above and beyond for their students and the rest of the staff. Everyone at WaveCrest Cafe is dedicated to serving fresh, healthy, delicious meals every day, but we are proud to recognize that the Grapevine Elementary team does it all with a smile.

Grapevine Elementary staff group

“We wanted a way to recognize the hard work our kitchen staff do every day,” says Jamie Phillips, Director of Child Nutrition Services. “Between breakfast, nutrition break, lunch, and supper our teams serve hundreds of meals every day and get very little recognition. It’s not always the easiest job, but their extra effort makes a huge difference for our students.”

Every quarter Child Nutrition Services will recognize the WaveCrest Cafe team at one of our schools for outstanding service. Will your school be next? Keep an eye out here and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be notified of the announcement.