Choices Every Day!

August 25th, 2016

How many choices for lunch do you think the average student has on a daily basis? Two? Three? Four? We ask that question a lot, and the answer often surprises students, parents and teachers alike. That’s because we defy the expectation that school food offers a limited number of choices for customers. On any given day, WaveCrest Cafe offers anywhere between seven and ten entree choices for lunch. You read that right, between 7 and ten, and some days even more.

That’s because we know that choices are important for myriad reasons. They allow for a variety of tastes and flavors that let students try new things (and often times bring those new flavors home). They stave off boredom of having the same meals day in and day out. And they allow us to continually search for other new items that can become favorites.

That’s what happened last year when we introduced a bean and cheese pupusa, the Salvadoran item that some students eyed suspiciously before gobbling them up and making them one of our most popular menu items. Or the chicken tamales, which we thought would be well received, and that we work hard to get enough of to meet the demand.

It’s also allowed us to bring a variety of produce to our salad bars, offering things that most school salad bars don’t offer, like fresh jicama, jalapeños, our home made bean and corn salad, and a variety of fresh seasonal fruits throughout the year.

We’ll continue to offer a number of choices for those we serve every day. Come visit a WaveCrest Cafe and see what choices you have.