#CA Thursdays At Hannalei! 10-12-17

October 13th, 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017: Today we got to visit Hannalei Elementary to celebrate #CaliforniaThursdays, and we had a blast! First off we visited three classrooms, and have to send our biggest thanks to Mr. Gorgueiro, Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Nakamoto for opening their classrooms to us. We were able to talk about what #CaliforniaThursdays is, and three of the biggest benefits that we all receive from these efforts:

1. Fresher food with better taste and more nutrients.

2. Less pollution from transportation.

3. Supporting our local and statewide economy.

Of course we also stressed that in Vista Unified, EVERY day is a #CaliforniaThursday, as we’ve got menus packed full of CA grown and produced foods.

After that we headed out to Hanalei’s WaveCrest Cafe at lunch time to take lots of pictures of Hannalei students and their fresh, healthy and delicious meals. It was tamale day at Hannalei, which is always a favorite, and the rest of the menu looked wonderful as well, including our salad bar, with fresh greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, jicama, bean & corn salad and so much more. 

Thanks to Hannalei Principal Tracy Zachary for hosting us. We’ve got pictures galore posted here. 

Enjoy and please have us out to your school soon!