Breakfast & Academic Performance

November 08th, 2016

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s a good thing to regularly remind ourselves of why that is. In a 2011 article titled, How Does Healthy Eating Affect Your Grades?, author Nancy Clarke outlines important facts about breakfast, including:

Eating a complete breakfast is linked to working more quickly and efficiently on exams.

Eating breakfast regularly before class may affect the brain’s short-term blood sugar requirements and long-term nutritional support. It helps with improving memory, problem-solving, and concentration skills that are intrinsic to learning and achieving high grades.

Eating breakfast regularly has an impact on attendance. If you’re fueled and ready to go, you’re more likely to attend school and not feel sick or depleted.

Breakfast also shows an affect on peoples’ moods and ability to focus. 

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