April Harvest of the Month Tasting Parties: Grapefruit

April 16th, 2018

School all across the district are participating in Harvest of the Month tasting parties. In April we’re celebrating the grapefruit! Scroll to see photos and quotes from our students about their Harvest of the Month experiences. If you’re wondering what Harvest of the Month is, check out UCSD’s Center for Community Health, or the California Department of Public Health websites for more info.

Grapefruit tasting

Students in Mrs. Jacque’s 2nd grade class taste grapefruit at Monte Vista Elementary.


Grapefruit thumbs up

Students in Mrs. Jacques’ 2nd grade Monte Vista Elementary classroom give a thumbs up for grapefruit!


Slicing grapefruit

Ms. Wiedeman slices grapefruit for her kindergarten class at Breeze Hill Elementary.


Grapefruit tasting reactions

Kindergarten students in Ms. Wiedeman’s Breeze Hill Elementary classroom have different reactions towards grapefruit.

Be sure to take photos and write down student quotes and thoughts each month and we’ll share them here!

VUSD classrooms that participate in Harvest of the Month get free produce from a local supplier. Teachers also receive age-appropriate lesson plans to help introduce their students to the Harvest of the Month. Lesson plans can include videos about growing the produce, worksheets for students to describe the taste, smell, and feel of the produce, and interactive activities, such as taste comparisons or physical activity. Students learn to discern their opinions about a food, rather than deciding simply whether or not it tastes good.