Ugly Food Gets A Beautiful Reception


“If you see ugly food, don’t throw it away, just wash it and try it!” Those words, spoken by Alamosa Park 2nd grader Madison, were the consensus of a group of kinder - 2nd grade...

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What Do Athletes REALLY Eat? Part 3: Football


As Super Bowl 53 approaches, we thought it would be a great time to continue our series on “What do athletes REALLY eat?” When looking at professional football players, it probably comes as no surprise...

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VIDA Class Digs Deep Into Food/Nutrition


Making a connection between the classroom and real work issues that affect students’ daily lives has become a valuable resource for learning and teaching. So when a Design Challenge class at VIDA (Vista Innovation and...

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What Do Athletes REALLY Eat? Part 2: X-Games


In our series of, “What Do Athletes REALLY Eat?” we’re looking into the perception versus the reality of what athletes eat. It’s likely that no area of sports has a closer relationship to fast- and...

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What Do Athletes REALLY Eat? Part 1: Rugby.


When looking at the advertising landscape, one might think that athletes exist on a diet comprised primarily of fast food, energy drinks and candy bars with the slightest amounts of peanuts. The reality, however, is...

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