WaveCrest Heroes: Letha McWey


We’ve been sharing stories from our staff and the ways that they interact with students. This month we spoke with Letha McWey, the cafeteria lead at Vista High School. Letha has a smile and a...

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Casita Center Hosts Blender Bikes


The WaveCrest Cafe blender bikes made a visit to Casita Center for Science, Math and Technology Elementary School on 2/7/19. After a quick lesson for 4th graders on how we are sourcing more and more...

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Vista High’s Garden + Blender Bikes = Fresh, Healthy And Delicious Smoothies


The faces communicated a mix of curiosity, amusement and slight confusion. What were the lime green bikes doing in the quad by the cafeteria? Were those blenders attached to the front of the bikes? How...

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